Community Desexing

Did you Know?

Desexed Cats:

Are generally healthier and live longer, happier lives?

Are less likely to roam and be injured.

Help prevent unwanted litters.

Help reduce territorial behaviours.

And that one single unspayed or un-desexed female cat and her offspring can produce more than 400,000 cats in their lifetime?

The Cat Protection Society offer a Community Desexing and Last Litter Program

With the goal of helping to reduce cat overpopulation and the associated environmental and societal issues, whilst ensuring that every cat has the opportunity for a healthy, loving, and safe home, The Cat Protection Society offer a Community Desexing and Last Litter Program.

Our Community Desexing Program is available to cat owners in financial need who would like to desex their female or male cat.

Our Last Litter Program is available to cat owners whose cats has recently given birth to a litter of kittens.

Both of these programs are available to the general public (only) and not Rescue Organisations or Breeders. We can offer our Community Desexing and Last Litter Programs to a maximum of 2 cats per registered owner or household address. If you are a Breeder or have more than 2 cats, please contact our Public Veterinary Clinic on 8457.6504.

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