Benevolent Fund

Benevolent Fund

Our Benevolent Fund was established with a heartfelt mission: to spare devoted cat owners from the agonising choice of parting with their cherished feline friends, and to shield beloved cats from the anguish of surrender to our shelter.

Our Benevolent Fund is used by our Society to provide a lifeline to loving cat owners facing financial hardship where the owner’s inability to fund emergency or unexpected veterinary care would otherwise result in surrender, euthanasia or significantly impact their cat’s life.This funding provides for one-off, emergency or unexpected veterinary care and cannot be used for ongoing veterinary or preventative care.All applications for support using our Benevolent Fund will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the decision on the cat’s and families we are able to assist will be made in consultation with a member of our adoption shelter team and a Senior Veterinarian.

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