Community Desexing Program

Is your cat desexed?

When you desex your cat, you are doing yourself, your cat, and your local community a big favour.

By desexing your cat, your cat’s health and longevity improve, you’re saving yourself from large vet bills that could come from an undesexed cat, and you are preventing unwanted litters ending up in pounds or shelters like ours.

Our Cat Protection Society Community Desexing program was established to help give cat-owners in financial need access to desexing. Our big picture goal is to end cat overpopulation and the associated societal issues by making the decision to desex your cat available to cat-owners who need it most.

Every month, we offer a limited number of significantly subsidised desexing procedures to cat-owners across Victoria who have a valid Senior / Pension or Health Card. These procedures are available to individual cat-owners and not breeders and there is a limit of 2 desexing procedures per registered owner / household address.

These procedures are available for both female and male cats and where required, your cat will also receive a microchip in addition to their desexing procedure for a cost of $80. Desexing procedures are available on cats aged between 8 weeks of age and 8 years of age.

If you believe you are eligible to receive subsidised desexing within our Community Desexing program please click here to book and pay for your appointment.


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