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Give Back: Donate Your Used Goods for a Good Cause!

Your generosity in considering donations to our Society fills our hearts with gratitude. With no government funding, every contribution ensures that essential resources can be channelled towards caring for the cats and kittens seeking refuge in our adoption shelter.

Wondering what items you can donate? We welcome goods that are in good condition, clean, and free from damage:

  • Blankets: Clean, without stains, holes, or frayed edges.
  • Beach, Bath, and Face Towels: Clean, without stains, holes, or frayed edges.
  • Cat and Kitten Toys: Small plush toys, tunnels, small cat scratchers, ping pong balls, wand and kicker toys.
  • Bedding, Igloos, and Cat Caves: Clean, without stains, holes, or frayed edges.
  • Newspapers

Please be aware that if an item isn’t listed above, we regret that we’re unable to accept it as a donation.

Feel free to drop off your donations at our Greensborough Adoption Shelter during our opening hours.

Donation bins are conveniently located at our main entrance, ready to receive your contributions.

Your kindness makes a tangible difference in the lives of our beloved furry residents. Thank you for your support!

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