Our Services

Preventative Care

At our clinic, we believe in the mantra that prevention is key to well-being. Discover our comprehensive array of preventative care solutions, including vaccinations, parasite, and worming guidance, as well as routine health assessments and behavioural consultations.

Our Preventative Care Services include:
• Routine Health Checks and Consultations
• Vaccinations
• Microchipping
• Parasite and Worming Advice

Medical Care

Our Clinic offers a comprehensive array of surgical services, including desexing, dentistry, and soft tissue surgery. Additionally, we provide X-rays and blood tests in-house to diagnose and address any health issues your cat may have.

Our Medical Care Services include:
• Desexing Procedures
• Denistry
• X-rays
• Blood-tests
• Soft tissue surgery

Wellbeing Services

At Our Clinic, we provide grooming services administered under sedation and conduct behavioural consultations to ensure your cat not only maintains a great appearance but also enjoys optimal well-being.

Our Wellbeing Services include:
• Grooming (under Sedation)
• Behavioural Consultations

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