Adoption Process

The Cat Protection Society Adoption Process

Our adoption process is crafted to pair you with the perfect companion from the start. Our dedicated adoption team specializes in matching cats and kittens with specific needs to individuals whose lifestyles align, ensuring a lifelong bond with every adoption.

Before you commit to opening your heart and home to a cat in need, it’s essential to assess how a new pet will integrate into your life.

We strongly recommend you consider the following questions:

  1. How much time can you dedicate to your new cat daily?
  2. Do you possess the necessary fitness level for the cat you desire?
  3. Are you financially prepared to meet all the basic needs of your new companion?
  4. Can you afford potential veterinary expenses in case your cat falls ill?
  5. Do you have other pets or children to consider in the equation?
  6. Will a cat seamlessly fit into your lifestyle?
  7. Does your living space have ample room for the type of cat you have in mind?
  8. Are there any restrictions on pet ownership at your current residence that might pose future challenges?
  9. Are there any Local Council curfews or by-laws within your Local Council area that you will need to abide by? Will this pose any challenges?

Owning a pet is an immensely rewarding experience, but it’s also a significant responsibility and long-term commitment spanning 10 to 18+ years.  It’s crucial to feel assured in your capacity to provide unwavering care and support throughout your cat’s lifetime. To proceed with your adoption, you can apply to adopt and book in an appointment online or alternatively, download a copy of our adoption application form and bring this to our adoption shelter at a time that suits.

Choosing your new cat

If you’ve decided to adopt a cat, you can browse a selection of the cats and kittens available via our website, or alternatively, by visiting our Adoption Shelter.

All the cats have had a behavioural assessment, and you can read about their personality and needs in their online profile or by chatting with a member of our Adoption team in Shelter. Our team are feline match makers and are well trained in matching cats with their perfect home and want what’s best for you and your feline companion.

How to apply

Are you ready to embark on the journey of finding your purr-fect companion? Dive into our selection of adorable cats and kittens up for adoption, right on our website. Get to know their quirks, personalities, and needs – it's like online dating, but for feline friends!

Looking to speed up the process and secure your spot at the front of the adoption line? Fill out our Adoption application online and schedule a special "meet and greet" appointment. Pro tip: appointments can be snagged up to 10 days in advance, so don't wait!

Prefer the spontaneous approach? Swing by our Adoption Shelter any day of the week, no reservations needed. Just a heads up, though – weekends can get busy, so pack your patience!

Oh, and a little summer and autumn PSA: we kindly ask that you apply and book online during those peak seasons.

When you visit our Adoption Shelter

When you first visit our Shelter, our team will take the time to understand your lifestyle, home environment, family, and experience owning a cat. By combining this information, we can recommend the best cat or kitten that will seamlessly integrate into your life as if they've always been there. You'll have the chance to meet, cuddle, and play with the cats or kittens to see which ones you bond with best, and our friendly Adoptions team will be available to answer any questions you may have.

If you find your perfect companion, our Adoptions Team will explain your new cat or kitten's needs and offer advice on how to help them settle in at home.

The adoption process may take some time, especially during busy periods. We suggest allowing at least 1-2 hours for your visit to the Shelter, which includes time to find and get to know the cat or kitten, as well as the adoption process and completing the necessary paperwork. Bringing the whole family along is also recommended.

To complete the adoption, you'll need to provide proof of your current address and photo identification (a driver's license is recommended if possible). If you already have one or more cats at home, we advise contacting your Local Council to determine if a permit is required, as most councils only allow 2 cats per household. We will then send the adoption details to your Local Council.

You can purchase everything you need for your new cat or kitten from our Retail Shop at the time of adoption, including food, bedding, litter trays and litter, toys, and flea and worming products.

After Adoption

It is finally time to take your furry, feline family member home.

Although this is a very exciting time, please appreciate that it can be stressful for your new pet. Stay calm and give them plenty of time to adjust to their new life with you. Remember, some of our cats have been through a lot, so please be patient in the first few weeks or even months after adoption.

To help transition your newcomer in, we recommend:

• You pick a small, quiet room for your cat to stay in for their first 3-4 days.
• In this room, include the litter box, food, and water, bedding and toys.
• Provide your cat with plenty of hiding places.
• Slowly begin opening your home to the cat once they seem adjusted to their room.
• Do not introduce your cat or kitten to other pets at home for at least 2-3 days. If you are introducing a cat to your existing cat, please ask our Adoptions team for specific advice to assist.

We do have a post adoption service to support you after you bring your new cat home to work through any challenges you may face to ensure you start off on the right paw.

To contact our team, please call 8457.6500.

Our success stories

The staff know are so friendly and compassionate and patient when you visit. Their feline behavioural knowledge is exceptional and they go out of their way to look up the cat records to make sure you are adopting the right cat for you. They also provide ongoing support to any who needs advice or a bit of help. (January, 2024)

Google Review

Adopted my cat here. Process was easy and staff are kind. We bring him back for check ups and the vets are so knowledgeable and lovely. Keep up the great work! (November, 2023)

Google Review

Great place for a coffee and lots of cat cuddles.
Adopted 2 kitties for our family. Great friendly service and great coffee (April, 2023)

Google Review

Reno looks so fresh and modern. Great service. Nice and clean. Cat adoption, fostering and vetcare. With a small cafe for coffee and cake while you decide on your purrrever cat. (February, 2024).

Google Review

We purchased our gorgeous Beatrice from here. She wasn’t there for long but they definitely knew a lot about her. Not just the medical side but her personality. It’s lovely to know they take the time to really get to know the cats that go there. (May, 2023)

Let Del
Google Review
We adopted our Mia from CPS in 2019 and love her dearly. I now volunteer at the society as a way to give back and support the team in their mission to improve cats’ lives. Thank you CPS for the critical work you do! (May, 2021)
Google Review

I adopted my Mochi (formerly known as Magic at the centre) here on Thursday!! All the staff were super super nice and you could see they all loved cats fron the way they spoke. You get to spend time with your potential cat/kitten in a playroom to see if they are the right one for you. Mochi is sooo cute and thriving! I hope to go back next year for my second kitty (April, 2023)

Google Review

Clean, professional, great service and most importantly a safe and secure experience for our kitten. Thank you to Cat Protection Society for a great job well done ???? (April, 2024)

Google Review

Lovely people and amazing little furbaby from them. Products cost same if not less than major pet stores. They were so supportive too. We can’t be happier with our beautiful pumpkin. What a gem !!! They love updates and really care about the cats there. Very humbling experience and very grateful to the wonderful staff. Thank you. (May, 2023)

Google Review

All of my cats have been rescued from the Cat Protection Society. People here, clearly all cat fans, do a wonderful job of taking care of these cats & kittens. Concerned and caring staff ensure these often lost or abandoned felines find new homes with responsible and loving carers.

With a new, state of the art facility – I’m talking cat condominiums, kitty meet and greet room, access to outdoor run, experienced vet consultations and a well stocked shop for all your cat supplies – this is a perfect place to visit to adopt a new furry cat friend.

The welfare of cats is their No. 1 priority. Highly recommended! (March, 2024)

Google Review

What a fabulous organisation. Clean and modern facilities and staff that cater so well to the cats needs. Such great care. I would definitely recommend anyone adopting a cat from here (April, 2024)

Google Review

Such an impressive facility/shelter housing kittens and cats waiting to go to their forever home. On-site veterinary clinic that specialises in felines, little cafe and all the goodies your furry friend could want and need. Super helpful and informative staff. Parking on-site. I was fortunate that an absolute sweetheart kitten chose me to come home with and I adore him; he’s a little mummies boy. I consider myself very blessed indeed that Charlie is part of my life (January, 2024)

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