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Are you seeking a meaningful way to make a difference in the community and care for those in need?

Joining The Cat Protection Society of Victoria as a Foster Carer offers the immensely gratifying experience of nurturing and supporting some of our most vulnerable cats and kittens until they find their forever homes.

Our Foster Care program plays a pivotal role within our Shelter, enabling us to extend our reach and assist a greater number of cats and kittens each year. It also ensures that our adoption candidates receive the socialization and care they need to thrive before transitioning to their permanent homes.

Some cats arriving at the Society require extra time and attention before they’re ready for adoption. Whether due to age, illness, post-surgery recovery, or behaviour training, these cats benefit immensely from foster care. The duration of fostering can vary from short-term commitments, such as caring for kittens until they reach adoption weight, to longer-term support for more complex medical or behavioural cases.

While our shelter staff and volunteers strive to create a comfortable and enriching environment, many of our vulnerable animal’s experience stress during their stay. Fostering these animals in a loving home environment aid in their recovery and development.

As a Foster Carer for the Cat Protection Society, you’ll receive comprehensive support, including veterinary care, food, litter & tray, bedding, bowls, and toys—all you need to provide is the nurturing home.

If you would like to view some of the kittens and cats in need of foster care, please click here

To apply to become a Foster Carer with CPSV, please complete our Foster Care Application. A member of our team will be in contact to chat through your application.

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