Online Store coming soon

An Online Store with everything your cat could wish or desire is coming soon.

Whether you’re a proud cat parent or a devoted admirer of our feline friends, our online store will have everything you need to spoil your whiskered companions and show your love for cats in style.

From toys that will whisk your cat away to a world of fun to cosy beds that they’ll claim as their throne, our store will be a treasure trove of goodies for your furry family members. With delivery available across Australia and convenient click-and-collect options for our local Greensborough pals, shopping with us will be as easy as curling up with your favourite feline.

But here’s the best part: every purchase you make from our online store directly contributes to supporting our mission.

Your shopping spree isn’t just about pampering your pets—it’s about making a difference in the lives of cats in need.

Be sure to check back in and see when our CPSV Online Store is up and running and get ready to pamper your furry pals!

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