How to spot and manage common health issues in older Cats

As your Cat ages, it can start to slow down and while ageing is normal, sickness and pain are not. Sometimes, it can be easy to think that changes in your older Cat’s behaviour are just a sign of old age. Whilst many older cats do suffer from a range of health issues, many conditions are treatable- and getting a check-up from your Vet could help improve the quality of your Cat’s life, and in fact, extend its life.

Podcast: How to show your Cat you love them

If your a cat owner, you know that the gentle sound of a purr and a snuggle against your legs are just some of the purr-fect ways that a cat can show you just how much they care.

Podcast: How to help prepare your home and family for a new Cat

In this episode of The Purrfect Podcast, Animal Behaviourist Natayla Dundovich and our CPS Foster Care Coordinator Chloe Harcourt share their tips on how soon to be cat owners can prepare their home and family for the pending arrival of a four-legged furry family member.

Podcast: Debunking common Cat myths and misconceptions

In this episode of The Purrfect Podcast, we sit down with our Senior Veterinarian from our Cat Protection Society Public Vet Clinic to chat through and get a response to some of the common cat myths & misconceptions we have heard within our Adoption Shelter and Vet Clinic.

Podcast: How to help your Cat transition to a Cat Curfew

More and more Victorian council municipalities are introducing cat curfews with curfews ranging from needing to keep your cat confined between dusk and dawn to 24-hour cat curfews where owners need to always keep their cats indoors or within the confines of their property full time.

Podcast: How to introduce a new furry friend to the family

Whether you’re thinking of welcoming a new kitten into your family or adopting an older cat, before welcoming a new furry friend into your home, it’s important to consider how much time, energy, and financial resources you have available.

Podcast: Mental health benefits of Pet Ownership

In this episode of The Purrfect Podcast, we chat with Angela Chapman from Latrobe University to chat through the mental health benefits of pet ownership and why having a pet is great for your mental and physical health.

10 top tips for adopting a Cat from a Shelter

If you are considering adopting a Cat from a Shelter and providing a Cat in need with their second chance at love, health and happiness, our “Top tips for adopting a cat from a shelter” will help.

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