Can you help grant the ultimate Christmas wish?

With Christmas fast approaching, bonded pair and siblings Mavis and George have just one single wish; to spend one last Christmas together, acutely aware that this may be their last on account of George’s failing health.

Mavis and George have never known a life without one another, being born to the same litter and growing up as bonded siblings living in the same home. They have slept cuddled up beside one another each and every night and every day, have eaten from their food bowls positioned side by side. Where George is independent, confident and loves to play, Mavis is timid and cautious but together they work, and Mavis derives a huge amount of confidence simply from being in the company of her brother, her safety net.

Mavis and George entered the care of the Cat Protection Society in late 2022 when they were sadly surrendered due to their registered owners moving overseas. Unlike so many of the cats who arrive seeking refuge at our Shelter, Mavis and George had without a doubt been loved and well looked after, but upon a standard health and behavioural assessment, our Veterinary team quickly identified that despite being blissfully unaware, George was in fact seriously unwell.


George had a distinct heart murmur and after conducting two echocardiograms at a cost of $400 each, George was diagnosed with a moderate grade HCM or Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; a condition affecting the main pumping chamber of his heart which would over time, impact his heart’s ability to supply his body with enough blood. Further investigation also uncovered that George had blood pressure issues and he would require ongoing monitoring and him being on medication for the rest of his precarious life. Devastatingly, George’s condition would significantly reduce his life expectancy.

But despite it being George with the heart that was so unwell, it was his lifelong companion and sister Mavis whose heart was breaking. With George needing to spend a significant amount of time in our Veterinary Clinic, Mavis was, for the first time, separated from her brother, something she really struggled with. Without George by her side, she would cower in the corner of her condo and cry, refusing to eat or interact, sometimes for over 24hours until her brother was returned. When reunited, Mavis would kiss and groom George, keeping him as close as possible whilst she slowly returned to her old self.

Our adoption team were at a crossroads.

George was clearly too unwell to be made available for adoption, but without any significant health issues, Mavis could in fact be adopted into a loving home.

But Mavis being adopted out meant separating Mavis from George for the first time in their life and our dedicated adoption and veterinary team had become very aware that Mavis just simply wouldn’t cope without her George.

Despite it being a costly option, the decision was reached to keep the brother and sister bonded duo together and to provide them with the opportunity to spend George’s final months with one another. George was placed into palliative foster care and his sister Mavis was able to move in with him.


With George and Mavis now in a loving foster care home at a cost of over $100.00 per week, Mavis and George have just one more wish.

A wish to spend what will likely be their final Christmas together.

A donation to our Christmas appeal will not only ensure that we can grant this wish for Mavis and George, but also continue to make decisions that are in the best interests of the cats who find themselves in our care in the year ahead; much like we did for George and Mavis.

Here is how your donation can help:

$25 Provides a week’s worth of food to a cat in need living at our adoption shelter or in foster care
$50 Helps fund the cost of vital medications for cats who arrive in our care unwell
$100 Allows an unwell or in need cat to spend a week in a loving foster care home
$250 Helps to offset the cost of life saving surgery for cats who arrive in our care seriously unwell

Your donation, regardless of what value can make a very real difference. Every single dollar counts and helps our Society achieve our goal of providing the highest levels of care to every cat who finds themselves at our Shelter.

Donation Options

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The Cat Protection Society of Victoria
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