Vet Services

Our cat exclusive Veterinary Clinic offers a full range of services in our state-of-the-art facility including: 

Preventative Care

Aside from preventing accidental litters of kittens, there are many health and behavioural benefits to desexing your companion animal including:

  • Routine Health Checks and Consultations
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Parasite and Worming Advice 

Routine Health Checks and Consultations

We also offer consultations to address health or behavioural concerns that you may have with your cat starting from $79


We recommend annual health checks for adult cats, and keeping your cat’s vaccinations up to date will help keep your cat in good health.
We offer an annual F3 vaccination for $90. These vaccines cover three feline viruses: rhinotracheitis, caliciviral and panleukopenia.


Microchipping your cat is incredibly important and is a legal requirement for cats in Victoria. A microchip (very small- only the size of a grain of rice) is implanted under the skin of a cat. Each chip has a unique number recorded on it that can be detected with a microchip scanner. The microchip number is recorded on a database registry with details about the cat and owner. Should your cat become lost, Vets, Animal Shelters and Local Councils can scan your cat via this microchip and contact you via the database.
We offer Microchipping with a lifetime subscription to a database registry for $52.50

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Medical Care

  • Desexing procedures
  • Dentistry
  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Soft tissue surgery

Desexing procedures

Aside from preventing accidental litters of kittens, there are many health and behavioural benefits to desexing your companion animal including:

  • Healthier pets
  • Preventing roaming & injury
  • Preventing unwanted litters
  • Avoiding unwanted vet bills
  • Reducing territorial behaviours

To assist in controlling the issue of cat overpopulation, The Cat Protection Society offer subsidised cat desexing with a further 25% discount available to eligible health care card holders.
Female spey $238 including Elizabethan collar
Male castration $179


Dental disease in our feline friends can be hard to diagnose at home. Often the most common sign an owner will notice is bad breath or reduced appetite. Our vet clinic caters for all routine dental procedures to help keep your cat’s teeth in good condition.

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Wellbeing Services

  • Grooming (under Sedation) 
  • Behavioural Consultations 

After Hours / Emergency Services

If you require Veterinary Services outside of our Clinic open hours, we recommend the following Clinics:

Eltham Veterinary Practice
9439 8650
644 Main Road, Eltham (open until 7pm 7 days)

Emergency Services operating 24/7 within the Metropolitan areas include:

Centre for Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) Collingwood
9417 6417
Advanced Vet Care Kensington 9092 0400
Bundoora Animal Hospital 9467 2255

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The Cat Protection Society of Victoria Veterinary Clinic.