Surrender your Cat

Due to the current worldwide cat vaccine shortage (read more by clicking here) our Society is only able to accept surrender  requests from cat owners who have their cat registered within the Banyule and Nillumbik local councils. Where possible, we will also ask that any at surrendered is up to date with their vaccinations in the interests of protecting the health of all the cats and kittens who spend time in our adoption shelter. 

There are many reasons why owners may need to rehome a pet and every case has its own circumstances; we at The Cat Protection Society care about your situations and want to help you and your cat during these difficult times. 

The Cat Protection Society is a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation with a dedicated team working together to help rehome cats and kittens.

Before you go down the avenue of surrendering through a shelter have you exhausted every last option:

  • Can you rehome your cat with a family member or friend?

Rehoming your cat with someone you know will certainly benefit you and your cat the most; you will be comfortable knowing where your cat will be living and can assist in the settling in process and hopefully you can still visit your cat. Please remember to transfer the microchip to the new owner if you rehome your cat privately. 

  • Did you adopt your cat?

Have you tried contacting the organisation where you adopted from as they may be able to assist in taking the cat back to find it a new home.

  • Are Veterinary bills getting too expensive?

Have you tried speaking with your regular vet about the option of a payment plan; if they cannot assist they can suggest clinics who may offer this option. 

  • Is renting with pets becoming a concern?

In 2020 new laws came into effect that tenants must request their landlords permission to have pets in the home; most landlords cannot unreasonably refuse consent.

  • Moving overseas or extended holiday?

Please check the requirements for international travel with pets as this may be an option for you to take them with you. If you are travelling there are many pet-friendly accommodations that can help in your travels with your furry family member or do you have someone who can stay at your place with your pets until you return.

  • Is your cat having behavioural problems?

Please give our shelter or vet team a call; we can try and help to identify some of the problems or can refer you to our highly experienced animal behaviourist who can assist with positive reinforcement.

  • Do you require short term assistance?

Can a family member or friend help in the meantime with housing your cat as this is only a temporary situation. You can contact the animal management team at your local council to ask if they have local emergency boarding options.

If you have tried everything with no luck and still require to rehome your cat please click the link to fill in our detailed surrender application form. The more details that you provide; the better chance your cat will have of rehoming with a suitable new family or owner. 

Once your application has been reviewed a member of our team will be in touch and if successful we will organise a suitable surrender appointment time; this may not be immediately as it depends on the requirements and space at the shelter during this time. If we cannot help by taking your cat into our shelter we will suggest options to assist you at this difficult time.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes for your surrender appointment as we don’t want to rush the process between you, your cat and our team.

Please keep in mind that we will never euthanise a cat that is capable of being rehomed; no matter how long the rehoming process takes. In severe cases of injury, illness or unhandled cats it may be necessary to humanely euthanise your cat to relieve them of any possible suffering.  

Cat Protection Society Surrender Requirements:

  • Surrender Application Form completed
  • Surrender appointment booked in (we don’t accept walk-in surrenders)
  • Recommended to be up to date with vaccinations (this will assist in moving through the process faster)
  • Microchip number in surrendering owners name
  • All medical certificates and vet records required
  • Senior cats over 10 will be asked to have a vet consult with our vet team prior to the surrender taking place
  • Your cat is required to be in a suitable cat carrier
  • Can bring anything your cat requires to help settle in (bed, toys, food etc)
  • Surrender donations are welcome to assist with the care of your cat 

The Cat Protection Society aims for positive outcomes concerning all animals in our care. However, we cannot guarantee the ability to rehome every animal we receive. Before we can attempt to rehome your cat; our veterinary team must first assess the health and temperament of the animal. If your cat is found suitable for rehoming it will be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped before it is able to be adopted into a new home.

Surrender Guidelines:

  • We are unable to accept walk-ins. Surrenders are by appointment only and will be made by our Adoptions Team when we receive a completed Surrender Application Form.
  • We can only accept surrendered cats from people aged 18years or older
  • We currently accept surrendered cats from Banyule and Nillumbik Council. We may be able to accept surrenders from other councils if we have available space
  • Surrendered cats need to be up-to-date with their vaccinations and where required, our Cat Protection Society Vet Clinic can assist with this. This ensures that your cat can be rehomed after 48 hours (this increases to 8 days if your cat is not vaccinated)

If your cat has an unplanned litter of kittens

As part of our “last litter” initiative, if your cat does have an unplanned litter of kittens, we may be able to assist by offering a discount or desexing procedure for your cat and when the kittens are old enough to leave their mother, assist in rehoming the kittens via our Adoption Shelter. All kittens surrendered to us will be desexed, microchipped and vaccinated before being available for adoption. To learn more, click here.