Fees and Info

Give a cat or kitten a loving home today

Adopting a cat in need is an incredibly rewarding experience, however before you make the decision to adopt, we strongly encourage you to consider the commitment required to care for your cat. Do you have the time required to help settle your cat and spend ongoing? Is your home suitable for your cat? And can you afford all of the costs associated with your cat? Kittens are adorable, fun and unique but it is important to remember that providing a home for a kitten is a commitment for its lifetime, which may be between 16-18+ years.

If you are confident that you can provide a forever home to a cat in need, we would love to help you find your perfect feline companion.

  • Kitten 2 to 5 months: $240
  • Teenager- 6 months to Adults 7 years: $140
  • Senior Cat 7 years +: $60.00
  • Adult Bonded Pair:  $230.00
  • Bonded Adult and Kitten: $325.00
  • Pedigree: Priced Individually

Price includes desexing, microchipping, current vaccination, worming and flea treatment, a cat carry box and 2 weeks health cover valued at over $400

Our Shelter is open for Adoptions

Monday- Saturday between 10am-4pm and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

When your first visit our Shelter, our team will take the time to understand your lifestyle, home-environment, family and experience owning a cat. Combined, this will help our team recommend the very best cat or kitten who will fit into your life like they were always there. You will then have the opportunity to meet, cuddle and play with these cats or kittens to see who bond best with and our friendly Adoptions team available to answer any questions you may have.

If you do find your perfect companion, our Adoptions Team will explain the needs of your new cat or kitten and provide advice on how to best settle them in at home.

The Adoptions process can take some time, especially during busy periods. We recommend allowing at least 1-2 hours (time to find and get to know the cat or kitten and the adoption process) when visiting the Shelter with the purpose to adopt. We also recommend bringing in the whole family.

To complete your adoption, you will need to bring in proof of your current address and photo identification (a driving license is recommended where possible). If you already have one or more cat at home, we also recommend contacting your Local Council to determine if a permit is required as most councils only allow 2 cats per household. We will then send details of your adoption to your Local Council.

You can purchase everything you will need for your new cat or kitten from us at the time of Adoption from our Retail Shop including food, bedding, litter trays and litter, toys and flea and worming products. To view our full range, click here