Where are they now?

At The Cat Protection Society, we are driven by our desire to see every cat that comes in to our care provided with their second chance at love, health and happiness. We just love learning how cats adopted from our Shelter are thriving in their forever home.

You can share your story by submitting your “Where are they now” update or by emailing us at marketing@catprotection.com.au


Ginger has made himself so at home and I feel like I’ve had him forever. He’s very sweet and affectionate, he loves face and neck scritches especially, and sitting beside me on the couch. He spends the days snoozing on the bed, in a patch of sunlight or on the windowsill, and having bursts of energy where he runs up and down the living room playing with his toys. At night he curls up next to me in bed and wakes me up with headbutts when he’s hungry in the morning. He doesn’t like being given his medication but always forgives me within a few hours. I am so grateful to the Cat Protection Society for trusting me with Ginger, he has already become my best friend.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

They are the best cats ever!!!! We love them so much! They have settled in very well with us! They follow us around the house everywhere! They love to take over the bed when we sleep every night so much so that my fiance and I are pretty much sleeping on the edges of the bed each night! Thank you for choosing us to be their forever parents!

Gizmo (formally Lizzo)

Just some photos to update you on how Lizzo (now renamed Gizmo) is going. She’s settling in very well and seems quite social. Eating well, sleeping well, though disturbed last night by the hailstorm. She is cheeky when up and about and very interested in being on the kitchen bench. We love her! Thanks so much for adopting her out to us. We hope Calypso and Mango are getting on well to.

Davies and Mr Kitty (formerly Toothpick)

Today is our one-year adoption anniversary with these two beautiful souls! We have loved every moment and are so grateful that it was these two
we ended up with! Davies talks and wants snuggles all day and Mr. kitty (formerly toothpick) loves a good belly rub and has turned into a lap cat

In this year we have celebrated their 12th birthdays (hopefully many more to come) and moved houses, they are resilient and loving no matter the situation and just absolutely wonderful cats, we love them to the moon and back so thank you CPS for showing me these two adorable babies!

We celebrated their one year with a kitty cake.

Elsa (formally Sheila) 

Elsa was a shy girl who took some time settle and come out of her shell

She is now a very settled and enjoys sleeping in her many favourite spots in the house and enjoys playtime. She can be very talkative and lets us know when she needs attention.

Ochre (formally Sissy)

We thought we’d give you an update on our little girl Ochre (previously Sissy), who we adopted in July. After a few days of constant hiding, she built up the courage to begin to slowly interact with us and start exploring her new home. Since then, she’s come out of her shell so much and her loving personality has become clear. She enjoys watching the world go by from the windowsills, losing her mouse toys all around the house, chasing string or birds on the tv and snuggling up for a nap on the couch, and of course, lots of pats, but her favourite time is when the automatic feeder goes off, when she’ll stop whatever she’s doing to sprint to her feast. Although we’re working on getting her more comfortable with being picked up and when guests are over, she’s come leaps and bounds from the shy cat we met at the rescue – she’s now our little shadow and wants to be involved in everything we do. Ochre brings so much joy into our home and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks so much for all the amazing work you each do, and for connecting us with our fluffy girl.


Miss Cessy/ Jelly

I’ve had the lovely Miss Cessy with me now for one week and thought you would enjoy an update. Cessy has been going by Jelly in this new phase of her life, a name to suit her personality in her forever home. I called her Jelly
as a term of endearment when she came home and it just stuck! On the car ride home, she fell asleep almost immediately and was purring the whole trip. When I brought her home, she spent all of ten minutes sniffing around and exploring before plonking herself on my lap and falling asleep. Since night one, she has been such a lovely, snugly, cuddlebug. She will weasel her way under the blankets and spoon with me right up by my face all night. Jelly is constantly purring like a little motor, even when she’s eating and sleeping. I’ve only heard her meow once which was in the car on the way home when

I asked her how she was doing and she replied, “meow”. Other than purring, the only noises she makes is when she burps and farts, but she only does this when she’s aiming directly into my face. She is also very funny and playful, and loves to play with a little toy on a string. When I’m home from work, she will stick to me like a little shadow, following me around everywhere. Even when I’m in the shower she has to sit right outside the shower until I’m done. I could not be more in love with her and I’m so grateful to you all for taking such good care of her until we could find each other.

Rani (formally Rosie)

Miaow, Cat Protection Humans!

My personal human met some of you at the Cat Lovers Show and she showed you a photo of how lovely I am!
I am very happy and have my human all trained the way I like her now. My favourite things are my dinner time bikkie hunt around the house, climbing onto a warm lap just as someone is planning on standing up, and harassing my human at an ungodly hour of the morning for breakfast. Yes, I read the Cat Manual!
I’ve just discovered my new water fountain and I have so many toys and beds that I am quite spoiled. But mostly I know how much I am loved, and I’ve developed a special relationship with my human. I am pleased that she specifically wanted a mature cat like me, and I am happy and healthy in my new life.
Thank you all for giving me a second chance!