How to spot and manage common health issues in older cats

By Dr Peta Keown, Head Vet, Cat Protection Society of Victoria

As your cat ages, it can start to slow down, and while aging is normal, sickness and pain are not. 

Sometimes, it can be easy to think that changes in your older cat’s behaviour are just a sign of old age. Whilst many older cats do suffer from a range of health issues, many conditions are treatable – and getting a check-up from your vet could help improve the quality of your cat’s life, and in fact, extend its life.

Aging cat conditions are sometimes similar to those faces by humans and can include things like arthritis, obesity, vision and hearing problems, as well as some diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney or liver disease and thyroid problems. Older cats are also more susceptible to gum disease.

To look  at some of the more common help conditions in your senior cat, how to spot these issues, and how to manage them to help give your feline friend a long, happy life click on the PDF below.