Greenies Feline Treats Dental Oven Roasted Chicken Flavour


Greenies Feline Treats Dental Oven Roasted Chicken Flavour

Feline Greenies Dental Treats – Roasted Chicken Flavour

Oral health issues such as dental disease are the most common health problems diagnosed in adult pets, and it is often a silent process that progresses without detection. Feline Greenies contain natural oat fibre to mechanically clean your cat’s teeth, removing plaque and tartar as they chew.

They offer complete nutrition and with an irresistible roasted chicken flavour, they are sure to stir up purrs of joy at the same time.

Key Features

  • The #1 vet recommended dental treat for cats
  • Unique shape and crunchy texture proven to reduce tartar
  • Irresistible roasted chicken flavour
  • Made from high quality, highly digestible ingredients
  • Formulated to meet nutritional levels established by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance

Suitable for: Cats over 12 months of age.

Pack Size: 
Value Size: 277g
Mega Size: 130g
Regular bag: 60g

Im-paw-tant: This product is not recommended for cats under 10 – 12 months of age. Treats can be a choking hazard. Always monitor your pet when leaving them with a treat to ensure your dog is adequately chewing their food, and swallowing appropriate sized pieces.