Catit Pixi Water Fountain Filter Cartridge 3 Pack


Catit Pixi Water Fountain Filter Cartridge

To stay healthy, cats need access to clean water. The Catit PIXI Fountain Filter continuously purifies your cat’s drinking water in no less than 3 ways.

To continue to provide fresh and great tasting water, the Catit Fountain Refills will freshen your cats water. The 3 layer filtration system efficiently removes magnesium and calcium from the tap water, important for maintaining urinary health. Removing odours, impurities and softening the water for your cat will encourage higher water intake. Water fountains are beneficial for cats as the running water encourages them to drink more, keeping their kidneys and bladders hydrated and flushed. Regular drinking helps with kidney function and prevents crystal formulation that can lead to urinary diseases.

Key Benefits: 

  • Suitable for all Catit Pixi Water Fountain systems
  • Filters out debris
  • Removes odours and impurities from the water
  • Softens tap water through filtering out calcium and magnesium
  • Triple action filtration by cotton mesh, active carbon, ion exchange resin
  • Keeps your cats water fresh and hygienic

Im-paw-tant: It is recommended to change filter every 30 days for optimal results.