AFP Fly Play Wands

AFP Natural Instincts Bait/Fly Play Wand 120cm

The team at All For Paws is passionate at designing unique products for all your pet’s needs. Their pet lover team is always working hard to come up with only the best products that will satisfy pets needs as well as the ever-changing lifestyle of their owners.

Daily exercise and activity are essential to your cat’s physical and mental health. Natural instincts toys are designed to appeal to cat’s instinctive and playful behaviours while promoting pouncing and playing.


  • Size (Cm) : L 142 x W 6.5 x H 2
  • Real Insect motion
  • 4 Designs to choose from

Braided wire makes cat lose the sight of it and see only the prey
Swivel clips creates actions like real insect motion
Keeps your cat entertained and occupied to encourage focused and engaging play

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.