Can you donate to our Meow-ry Christmas Cat Kringle?

Christmas is a time for giving and never giving up which is why this year we’ve created the Meow-ry Christmas Cat Kringle.

Each year we get great joy in seeing many of the sick and vulnerable cats and kitties that come through our door leave transformed as happy whiskered wonders ready for their new homes.

This warms our hearts, as we do everything in our power to ensure all the cats in our care have the opportunity, to experience a loving home come Christmas.

A donation to our Meow-ry Christmas Cat Kringle will help ensure that more kittens just like the playful Toby will be in a loving home and have a happy Christmas this year.

Learn more about Toby’s Story

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    A five-month-old cream tabby male kitten

    Time Spent at the Shelter: 93 days.

    Personality: Affectionate, cuddly kitten who wants to be surrounded by human company around the clock! He loves food and is always trying to steal his foster parent’s dinner

    Background: In mid-July, Toby was surrendered by a member of the public who had developed an allergy to cat fur.

    Upon arrival, it was discovered that little Toby was severely constipated and dehydrated. A series of x-rays showed why his tiny body was in such incredible pain.

    Toby immediately went into foster care (with the Society Shelter Manager!) so he could be closely monitored and receive 24/7 care. When he first arrived at his foster home, he was always crying due to being in pain but as he slowly recovered the crying stopped and he was happiest being given cuddles on the couch!

    Treatment: Little Toby underwent uncomfortable enemas every couple of days, and sometimes daily depending on the amount of faeces he had managed to pass on his own. There was a fear the condition would cause a rectal prolapse or even develop into megacolon, if not managed correctly. Toby was being given subcutaneous fluids and medications to help soften his stools. A special diet was introduced to aid his digestion issues.

    By the end of August, little Toby’s condition had improved slowly but surely, and most days he was passing faeces unaided. He had been putting on weight and was ready for his routine desexing surgery.

    Shelter Life: Little Toby remained in foster care for the following month to ensure he recovered well from his surgery and his condition continued to improve, while the dose of medication he was on was being strategically decreased.

    Toby’s Happily Ever After: Toby was returned to the Shelter from his foster home and shortly after getting the tick of approval from our vet team, was quickly adopted into his furever home. Toby is now doing fantastic and spends his days trying to steal his human’s food, playing or simply snoozing on his owner’s lap.

    You can give a Cat Kringle donation to help a kitten like Toby here

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