Will you provide a lifeline to abandoned Cats?

In July 2023, our team arrived at our Adoption Shelter to find 9 black and white cats who had been left abandoned under the cloak of night.

What was immediately evident was that these cats had had very little human interaction, love or care- they were extremely wary around people and in addition to being exceptionally scared, some were also unwell suffering the flu, gastro stomach upsets and dental issues.

At between 12-18months of age, it was unlikely these cats had ever had a nutritious meal, had visited the Vet, or enjoyed the simple pleasure of a cuddle or pat. Their only source of comfort seemed to come from being with one another.

Saddened by the plight of these cats and knowing we could help; our team immediately sprang into action.

This is what we did next . . .

The cats were placed into the care of our Veterinary team who conducted a full health assessment.

They quickly identified that all 9 of these cats required a dental under sedation and blood and urine analysis indicated which cats were also fighting nasty viruses that required treatment with antibiotics.

In line with our normal processes, the cats were also desexed, vaccinated and microchipped before being placed into our Adoption Shelter.

Combined, this came at a minimum cost of over $750 per cat or $6750 for the 9 cats, something we could only fund due to the wonderful support we had received off Victorian cat-lovers during the 2023 calendar year.

The plight of the cats . . .

Given their plight to date, it came as no surprise that these cats struggled with the noise, smell, and busyness of our adoption shelter. All the cats were provided with a relaxant in an attempt to minimise their stress levels and were paired with one of the cats with whom they arrived with, but it only helped a little.

Wanting to act in the best interests of these cats, we engaged the help of an external Behaviourist who recommended that the best course of action was to place these cats into our Foster Care program; a program that is facilitated with the support of volunteers who provide a temporary home to cats who aren’t well or old enough to reside within our adoption shelter. It was inevitably going to be a slow and steady road to teach these cats that humans could not only be trusted, but also be a source of love and comfort.

The cats were placed into Foster Care in pairs, and we provided our Foster Carers with all the food, bedding, litter, medication, and toys required to help them thrive at a cost of $100 per cat per week. The role of our Foster Carers was simple: to patiently provide these cats with plenty of tender, loving care.

Sadly, whilst the plan for these 9 cats was put into action, we had more and more black and white cats being dumped at our Adoption Shelter overnight, suggesting these cats were coming from a hoarding environment.

The cats all arrived in a similar state: unwell, unloved, abandoned and scared and all required the same level of support. Our team were pushed. In the period between July and December, 65 black and white cats were abandoned at our Adoption Shelter gates. Whilst there was no doubt these cats were better off in our care, our Adoption Shelter and Foster Care program were already operating at capacity, especially as kitten season started in October.

With a commitment to provide the very best outcome to every cat, we ploughed ahead and each one of these cats who we could assist (sadly 6 had to be euthanised due to their being exceptionally unwell when they arrived), received a full Veterinary assessment, a dental, any necessary medication, a vaccination, microchip and a desexing procedure.

The estimated cost of this work across the 59 cats exceeded $44,000.

What we achieved . . .

Of the 59 cats, 25 of the cats also spent an average of 8 weeks in foster care to help them be adoption ready. This came at an estimated cost of $20,000, a testament to the lengths we’ll go to ensure every cat receives a chance at a brighter future.

The spend was significant but had these cats not arrived in our care, there is no doubt their plight would have been far bleaker.

Of the 59 cats who arrived between July-December 26 have been adopted out into loving homes. 2 such examples are Earl and Joy whose heartfelt happily furever after you can read below.

An additional 23 cats are awaiting Adoption in our Shelter, whilst the balance are still in Foster Care until they are well and truly ready to be adopted- something we won’t rush.

The reality is that as a not for profit, our Society can only continue to quickly respond and make decisions that are in the best interests of every cat who finds themselves in our care because of the support we receive off our donors and supporters.

Keeping the hope alive . . .

Having 65 cats dumped in our care without any warning or the ability to plan; all of whom required over and above treatment, support and care to be adoption ready was incredibly challenge. But your support did mean that the one challenge we didn’t need to worry about was the financial one. For this, we are incredibly grateful.

Sadly, we are continuing to see black and white cats left abandoned at our Adoption Shelter and our team have very little doubt they are all from the same hoarding situation.

In the first few months of 2024, we have already had 4 cats left at our Shelter gates.

A donation to our Society, will ensure we can provide these cats with the same outcomes as the 59 cats who arrived before them and be prepared to help every cat who arrives in our care, regardless of what this care entails, and the time and financial commitment required.

Any donation, regardless of its value will make a very real difference to our work and the outcomes we can provide to abandoned and surrendered cats Victorian cats in need.

Together, we can turn homeless to hopeful for Victorian cats in need and help transform lives, one whisker at a time.

Here is how your donation can help:

$25 Will provide a week’s worth of food to a cat in need living at our adoption shelter or in foster care
$50 Will help fund the cost of vital medications for cats who arrive in our care unwell
$100 Will allow for an unwell or in need cat to spend a week in a loving foster care home
$200 Will help to offset the cost of life saving surgery for cats who arrive in our care seriously unwell

Earl and Joy’s Happily Furever After:

I lost my beautiful cat Lola to cancer in October last year. I was devastated – and found myself wanting to adopt a bonded pair in her memory. I came across Earl & Joy’s ad and found myself meeting them before I was ready (including crying in the shelter!) and fell in love with them right away. They came home that same afternoon.

Earl (my fluffy gentle boy) settled in very quickly, coming out for cuddles within the first 10 minutes. Joy (my little bug-eyed girl) took a couple of days to get confident to explore the house on her own. She was taken off her anti-anxiety medication within 4 days. They love to cuddle and play together, nap together under my bed, and hang out with me when I work from home. Earl loves getting his hair brushed, and Joy loves to snuggle right up next to me whenever I’m eating something 🙂 It’s been so rewarding to watch them grow in confidence and to see them understand that they’re finally home.

I’m in the office today, so they’re currently home, with the air conditioning on, watching the birds and napping on the sofa (after having coaxed treats from a friend who came to check on them). They’re such beautiful gentle little souls and I’m so glad they’re here.

From Earl and Joy’s besotted human

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