You can be their Happily Furever After

At The Cat Protection Society of Victoria, we believe that every cat deserves a family to call their own and their happily furever after.

Each year, more than 1500 surrendered and abandoned cats and kittens come into our care seeking refuge at our shelter. As a dedicated team of cat lovers, we work to ensure that every one of these cats and kittens are provided with every opportunity to find their happily furever after, but we can’t do it without you.

When a cat comes into the care of the Society, our teams spring into action, not only showing them love and care, but making sure they are happy, healthy, and ready to find a new home.

Our feline-friendly vet team give each cat a health check, ensuring they are vaccinated, desexed and not suffering from illness or injury. For some, a little extra TLC may be needed, so they’ll spend some time with a dedicated Foster Carer who is able to provide around-the-clock care as they recover from illness or surgery, or just learn to trust humans again. On average, a cat will spend 20 days in our care before they find their new home. But for some, it can be months.

Once they are ready, they will enter our adoption program where our team of expert match-makers get to work on finding them their perfect home.

But this isn’t possible without you.

As a not-for-profit animal welfare charity, we receive no government funding to support our work. We rely solely on the generosity of the cat-loving community to provide care for cats in need and to run our adoption program.

You can be their Happily Furever After.

If you have room in your home and your heart and have considered adoption, there are some cats who would love to meet you hopeful that they will find their happily furever after. But if you’re not quite ready to bring a cat into your home, you can join our Furever Home regular giving program and make a monthly donation to support our work.

As an adoptee or a member of our Furever Home regular giving program, you can ensure that even more cats just like Charlemagne and Peggy find their Happily Furever After.

Meet Charlemagne

Charlemagne was surrendered to the Society two years ago when his owner sadly passed away. After losing their own cat of 18 years, Charlemagne’s new family visited our Shelter, and it was love at first sight.

Charlemagne was a very timid boy, who needed to find a home where he could grow in confidence. And that is exactly what he found. His new humans understood that Charlemagne needed a little time and space to find his feet, and his voice.

At first Charlemagne’s family didn’t think he could meow! But they soon found out he could, and with each day he got braver and braver.

Charlemagne is now the king of his castle and spends his days snoozing on the bed under the blankets, laying in the sun on the deck, sitting on his humans so they can’t get up, being brushed so his coat is always magnificent, having “crazy time” around the house at 3am, and waking up his humans at 5am by wailing loudly for breakfast.

Two years on and Charlemagne and his loving humans could not be happier.

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Meet Peggy

At just two months old, Peggy was surrendered to a vet clinic and was found to be severely malnourished. She had terrible matting of her fur and was also unable to use her back legs due to severe muscle atrophy.

The clinic surrendered Peggy into our care so that we could provide ongoing treatment and help her get ready to find her new furever home.

It was unknown why Peggy couldn’t use her back legs; we weren’t sure if she had been born that way or if she had suffered some type of trauma as a kitten. But our team developed a care plan for Peggy to help her learn to use her legs again.

With daily exercises to help Peggy build her strength, she soon started using her back legs to walk. To help Peggy gain her confidence, she was placed in our Foster Care program where a dedicated Foster Carer was able to provide around-the-clock TLC. As Peggy grew in confidence, our team decided it was time to start looking for the perfect home.

Peggy’s adoring human tells us she has become an inquisitive and curious cat who loves to watch the birds outside. Peggy’s legs sometimes let her down, but she doesn’t let that stop her! Today she is happy and loved in her furever home.

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You can be their Happily Furever After