Foster carers needed to help Cats prepare to find their fur-ever homes

The Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV) is calling all cat-lovers to consider becoming foster carers to the most vulnerable felines at their Greensborough shelter, before the kitties find their forever homes.

The shelter’s Foster Care Program provides a temporary home to cats who are not yet ready for adoption.

Some may be too small or young to be adopted, including neonate kittens requiring bottle-feeding. Others may be recovering from surgery, an illness, or find the shelter environment too stressful.

“Our Foster Care Program ensures these cats are placed in loving environments and receive all of the medical and behavioural care they need to best prepare them for adoption and life in their forever homes,” said CPSV Foster Care Coordinator, Rachael Meighan.

South Morang resident Ms Meighan has herself been a foster carer for animals for the past seven years, the last three years with the CPSV before officially joining the team as Foster Care Coordinator a year and a half ago. Over this time Rachael has fostered 152 cats and kittens for CPSV.

She looks after all kinds of vulnerable cats, ranging from neonate kittens to adult cats with health or behavioural issues.

And whilst she loves all cats, it’s the neonates that tug at her heart strings.

“I love every single cat and kitten that comes through my home, but my absolute passion is neonate kittens, or ‘bottle babies’,” she admits. “They are hard work, but it is so rewarding helping these vulnerable little kittens reach the next phase of their lives.”

Ms Meighan says CPSV supply everything foster carers need to look after the cats such as formula, food, bowls and bedding, along with support whenever it is required.

“We train our foster carers on a range of skills including bottle-feeding and caring for neonate kittens if fostering neonates is something they want to do,” she says.

“The goal is to prepare our new carers and equip them with the skills they need before kitten season starts later in the year.

“If you work or have other commitments and would like to become part of our foster team, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or complete an application form as we always match our foster cats and kittens to suit our foster carers requirements and living situations,” she said.

“Ideally, we are looking for people who are willing to commit to being long-term foster carers,” Ms Meighan says.

Eltham resident, Mandy Byrne, has been a long-term foster carer for two years.

“I started fostering after my cat of 20 year died. I had some overseas trips planned and I wasn’t ready for a new cat at the time so my daughter suggested fostering and that’s how I got into it.”

“I’ve been enjoying the chance to make a difference to these little cats and kittens lives.

“I love cats so just having lots of different cats and kittens around is something I enjoy. Also a lot of people come and visit me when I have cats and kittens, people are really interested in them and I think that’s really good for socialising the cats too,” she said

“I’d encourage people thinking about it to become a foster carer with the CPSV. The CPSV make it work around your needs and lifestyle,” she said.

The CPSV Foster Care Program is run solely on donations. The program provides:

Essential formula to bottle feed the neonate kittens when their mum isn’t available
Food, bowls and bedding for every cat that spends time in Foster Care
Veterinary care including desexing, vaccination and microchipping prior to adoption.                                           Essential training and support to our Foster Carers

For more information and to apply to become a Foster Carer with CPSV, visit Foster Care