Introducing our Purrfect Podcast

Live and breathe all things cats? Now you can tune into a podcast dedicated just to cats. 

We are excited to launch our Cat Protection Society Podcast; The Purrfect Podcast. 

Hosted by our Cat Protection Society team of Veterinarians, Animal Behaviourists and our Adoption Shelter and Foster Care team, our Purrfect Podcast is dedicated to helping cat-lovers ensure they can provide their fabulous feline family member (or members) with a happy, healthy and safe nine-lives. We celebrate the amazing bond that exists between cats and their humans and recognise the incredible role that cats can play as companion animals.

We have released our first x3 episodes which include: 

  • Free tips on how to modify behavioural challenges in your cat
  • How to introduce a new furry friend to the family and
  • How to show your cat you love them

You can tune in via our website by clicking here.

Or listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Amazon so you don’t miss an episode.