Organic Catnip Spray


Our catnip spray contains the highest concentration of natural catnip essence for the most potent response. A quick and mess-free alternative to loose catnip. Just a few spritzes to invigorate any toy or scratching post. 100% natural catnip extract with no added chemicals or artificial enhancers. Perfect for refreshing old toys, training, or introducing your cat to new environments. Safe for cats of all ages, with no risk of ingestion or overexposure. Every bottle offers consistent potency and aroma, batch after batch.


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Specially formulated with premium catnip extracts, our spray is designed to captivate your cat’s senses and provide hours of joy. Spritz on their favourite toys, scratching posts, or bedding, and watch as they become instantly enchanted.
The potent aroma of our catnip spray is sure to entice even the most discerning cats, igniting their natural playfulness and curiosity.
A great stress reliever.
Create a peaceful and harmonious environment for your cat.
Safe and non-toxic ingredients.

From K9 Homes.

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