Catit Pixi Cat Drink Fountain


Catit Pixi Cat Fountain For Cats Cleans And Filters Your Felines Water And Promotes Optimal Hydration
  • This water fountain takes cuteness to the next level and will encourage your feline friend to stay on top of their hydration
  • It has advanced technological features with 3 drinking options and a 3-stage filtration process to ensure your cat has access to the cleanest and finest water

Promotes Optimal Hydration

  • Provides your cat with a continuous flow of fresh, purified water
  • Flowing water entices cats to drink more, which in turn helps to prevent urinary health concerns

3 Drinking Options – Calm, Stream And Bubbling

  • There are 3 water flow options to best suit your cat’s style – calm flow, stream (with spout) and bubbling top
  • The angled design ensures that wandering droplets of water flow back down into the bowl

Filter Pad with 3-Stage Filtration

The filter purifies the water in three stages:

  1. Cotton mesh filters out debris
  2. Active carbon removes odours and impurities
  3. Ion exchange resin softens tap water (reducing magnesium and calcium, which can lead to urinary tract diseases)

Cute Nightlight

  • The nose and whiskers illuminate in the dark so that your cat can locate their water even during the night

Water Level Window

  • The window design allows you to see how much water is left
  • The top of the whiskers indicates the maximum capacity of the reservoir (2.5L)

Low Water Level Alert With Auto-Shutdown

  • There is a sensor inside the pump that signals when more water is needed
  • The nose light will be white when operational and flash red when the fountain needs to be refilled
  • The fountain will turn off when the water level is too low to stop the pump from running dry
  • The fountain will start running again once the reservoir is refilled


  • The spout creates a desirable water stream and simulates how cats would drink in the wild
  • The water flow is arched, making it easy for cats to access the water
  • The spout is easy to install and disassemble from the fountain

Whisker Friendly Bowl

  • The bowl is shallow and wide to prevent your cat’s whiskers from getting wet
  • The bowl is situated at the front of the fountain to allow your cat to access the water easily even when the fountain isn’t flowing
  • The raised back also encourages your cat to drink from the front
  • The blue and white versions have a plastic top and the white has a high-grade stainless-steel top

Quiet & Durable Pump

  • The pump sits underneath the water and is very quiet
  • The pump’s strong ceramic bearing ensures that it will continue to run smoothly and silently

Elevated Ergonomic Design

  • The fountain is elevated off the ground by four endearing kitty feet, which makes it easy to pick up and look extra snazzy in the home

Available In 2 Colours

  • The colours available are pink and blue


  • Spout
  • Stainless steel drinking surface plate (white fountain only) or plastic drinking surface plate (blue and pink fountains)
  • Fountain top
  • Filter tray
  • Filter cartridge
  • Silicone tube
  • Pump
  • Pump plug
  • Fountain reservoir
  • Fountain plug
  • DC 5V 1A Adaptor with USB output


  • 20.5cm diameter x 17cm height


  • Replace the filter every 30 days for optimal results
  • The filter tray keeps the filter pad securely in place
  • Soak the filter completely before inserting it into the tray with the packet facing down
  • To prevent limescale deposits and to keep the stainless steel cover in top shape, it’s recommended to clean the stainless steel cover in the dishwasher regularly (e.g. once or twice a week, at first signs of limescale deposits)
  • The fountain top and stainless steel cover can be separated for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. The fountain body is not dishwasher safe.