Blue & White Carrier Airline Approved


The K9 Pet Carrier Airline Approved will get your pet to its destination safely. The carrier comes with a bowl, funnel & comfort tray which all serve their purpose to make your buddies flight as comfortable as possible. The raised floor from the comfort tray allows your pet to pass urine which drips down to the puppy pad placed under the comfort tray. The bowl and funnel are included to help your buddy keep hydrated, the bowl and funnel clip to the wire cage so the company handling your buddy for the flight can provide them water through the funnel without having to open the door. The K9 Pet Carrier Airline Approved is a durable & sturdy construction, with twist screw bolts the carrier is easy to make and just as easy to collapse once finished with. Before travel make sure you consult with your airline to check their policies and conditions for flying match this carrier.


  • Airline Approved
  • Bowl, funnel & comfort tray included
  • Durable & Sturdy construction
  • Raised floor from the comfort tray keeps pets from urine passed during flight
  • Twist screw bolts so easy to make and collapse
  • Bowl clips to cage with funnel which allows handlers to supply water to your pet
  • Consult with your airline before travel to confirm their travel conditions match with this crate


  • L62 x W43 x H44cm