How pet owners can avoid a cat-astrophe

Cats by their very nature are curious creatures, known to explore dark, small places and novel items. They can also fit into the smallest of spots! Many gravitate towards confined areas that help them feel secure and protected. The problem is, they can sometimes get stuck. To ensure your whiskered wonders don’t get caught it is important to make your home cat friendly and be aware of potential dangers.

We often hear of cases where kittens and cats get their bodies or heads stuck in items or household furniture. The CFA were recently called to a house in Doreen where the family cat had its head caught in a wire basket. Thankfully the cat was okay, but it did spark a discussion on social media on what to do if this happens to your cat, highlighting how often pet cats can get stuck.

Our Head Vet at the Cat Protection Society of Victoria, Dr Peta Keown wants cat owners to put strategies in place to prevent their kitties from getting stuck.

“In much the same way you would ’babyproof’ a house, the same applies when you have a whiskered four legged family member. Responsible cat owners should assess the items in their home that could potentially cause a risk and make sure they aren’t accessible to their kitten or cat,” Dr Keown said.

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