At The Cat Protection Society of Victoria, we recognise the incredible role that cats can play in helping to reduce stress and improve moods; that just 15 -30 minutes spent in the company of a cat can calm your nerves and make you feel just that little bit better.

That’s right, what you have always suspected is confirmed, your cat does indeed have superpowers; the power to lower your stress levels, the power the keep you healthier and the power to boost your mood, all of which are more important now than ever.

We wanted to celebrate the superpowers of your cat, to share the unique connection that families have with their cats and ultimately, provide an online destination that makes you smile and provide a break from the doom and gloom currently around us.

We’d love for you to upload and share your short video of how your cat is helping to bring joy and happiness.

And, remember, not all cats are as lucky as yours. Donate $35 to provide food, veterinarian care and a warm, safe bed for a day to a cat awaiting their furever home.

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