Foster Profile for Brando

Brando's Profile


  • Breed: Domestic Medium hair
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Black and White
  • Age: 4 Years 4 Months
  • Approx. length of foster care required: 3 month
  • Status: Awaiting foster

Foster Care Information for Brando:
Introduction: Brando is a lovely cat who would thrive in a quiet foster home for a few months. He is a bit untrusting of the big, scary world but warms up to people he knows over time and eventually accepts treats. Brando prefers to approach people on his own terms rather than being approached.
About Brando:
Gender: Male
• Temperament: Shy and cautious, but warms up with time
• Preferences: Enjoys treats, prefers to approach people himself

Foster Care Requirements:
1. Environment:
• Provide a quiet, calm, and safe space for Brando to help him adjust to his new surroundings.
• Ensure he has access to comfortable resting areas where he can retreat and feel secure.
• If other pets are present, introduce them slowly and monitor interactions to ensure Brando feels safe.
2. Diet and Nutrition:
• Feed Brando only food provided by CPS
• Utilize treats to build trust and encourage positive interactions.
• Ensure he has access to fresh water at all times.
3. Health and Wellness:
• Observe Brando for any signs of stress or health issues.
• Maintain a clean litter box and monitor his usage for any signs of problems.
• Be prepared to administer any medications or special dietary needs as directed by the shelter.
4. Behavioural Monitoring:
• Keep a daily log of Brando’s behaviour and any notable changes.
• Provide regular, gentle social interaction to help him feel loved and secure.
• Allow Brando to approach you on his own terms to build his confidence and trust.
5. Communication:
• Maintain regular contact with the shelter to provide updates on Brando’s progress.
• Report any concerns or notable changes immediately to the shelter staff.

Benefits of Foster Care for Brando:
• A home environment will help Brando feel more comfortable and reduce any stress he may be experiencing.
• Close observation in a home setting will provide valuable insights into his behaviour and needs, helping him build confidence.
• Personal attention and affection will help Brando develop trust and prepare for his forever home.

Ideal Foster Home:
• Someone with patience and a relaxed home environment.
• An individual or family willing to invest time and effort into building Brando’s confidence.
• A home where Brando can feel safe and gradually come out of his shell.
By fostering Brando, you will be giving him a wonderful chance to experience love and comfort while he builds confidence and prepares for his forever home. Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to this special cat!

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