And help us prevent the birth of 100,000,000 unwanted cats

Did you know that a single unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce more than 400,000 kittens in their lifetime? Unfortunately, many of these kittens don’t find loving homes. Many are surrendered to shelters which are already overrun with animals. Worse still, countless others are abandoned to fend for themselves, sometimes joining feral cat colonies. This poses a significant problem, not only to the welfare of the animal, but also to the environment and within the local community.

But you can help. 

This National Desexing month, we are strongly encouraging all cat owners to have their cat desexed or to donate to our Last Litter Fund to help our Society break the cycle of endless breeding in vulnerable cats.

July is National Desexing Month and to encourage and support our community to desex their cats we are offering 25% off

When you desex your Cat, you’re doing yourself, your pet and your community a big favour. 

Aside from preventing accidental litters, there are many health and behavioural benefits to desexing your Cat including: 

  • A Healthier Cat
  • Preventing Roaming & Injury
  • Avoiding Unwanted Vet Bills
  • Reducing Territorial Behaviours

During National Desexing Month (July 23), you can book in to have your Cat desexed at our public cat only veterinary clinic and receive 25% off our standard Desexing pricing. 

Procedure Standard Pricing National Desexing Month Pricing* 
Female Spey (including Elizabethan Collar) $200 $150
Male Castration $150 $112.50

No further discounts apply. Valid for all desexing bookings made during the month of July, 2023. Discount only available when the Kitten / Cat is microchipped.  

To book your Desexing appointment, click here or contact our team on 8457 6504



Can you donate to our Last Litter Fund?


Our Last Litter Fund was established with the goal of helping to reduce the issue and associated environmental and community concerns around cat-overpopulation whilst ensuring that every cat has the opportunity for a healthy, loving and safe home.  

The big picture goal of our Last Litter Fund is prevention rather than intervention.

A donation to our Last Litter Fund will help to ensure that we can fund the cost of desexing, microchipping and vaccinating (if required) a mother cat who has recently given birth to a litter of kittens. These kittens will also be surrendered into our care and desexed, microchipped and vaccinated ready for adoption into a loving furever home.