Whiskers's Profile

Can live with other cats
Can live with dogs
Can live with children
Likes older family


  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Tabby & White
  • Age: 4 Years 1 Month
  • Animal ID: STA012645
  • Microchip Number: 956000016587146
  • Adoption Fee: $140.00
  • Available for adoption since: 18/05/2024
  • CPSV Source Number: BR100404

Introducing Whiskers - a hidden gem who needs a little polishing to shine at his brilliant best. Whiskers is initially timid and cautious, but with a patient, loving, and understanding human, he could very well emerge as the most affectionate and loyal companion you've ever had.

It will take a little time for him to adapt to his new surroundings and feel comfortable. However, once he trusts and feels secure, the sweetness of his heart shines brighter than the stars. He will soon be pattering after you, extending his paw to touch you gently, looking up with a pair of pleading eyes that are simply irresistible.

Ideal would be a tranquil home, where Whiskers can have his quiet corners and no hustle-bustle disturbs him. Being the gentle soul that he is, he would flourish in an environment without other pets or young children. He thrives where he can indulge in his own leisurely pace of exploration and bonding.

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