Rosco & Rosie

Rosco & Rosie's Profile

Can live with other cats
Can live with dogs
Can live with children
Likes older family


  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Colour: Tabby & White
  • Age: 7 Years 2 Months
  • Animal ID: RSUK001301 & RSUK001304
  • Microchip Number: 956000005651918 & 956000005661867
  • Adoption Fee: $120.00
  • Available for adoption since: 03/05/2024
  • CPSV Source Number: BR100404

Meet Rosco and Rosie, a lovable pair of bonded siblings who have never been apart and are seeking their new family together. They might seem like an odd pairing, with Rosco being outgoing and playful while Rosie is reserved and calm, but they're the true definition of two halves making a whole.

Forever side by side, Rosco and Rosie have only ever lived indoors and would like to keep it that way. A comfortable, indoor space would be their haven, filled with their favorite toys, snuggle spots, and, of course, their new family.

Described as the 'big brother' of the duo, Rosco is an easy-going, affectionate, playful and cheeky boy. His charisma can put any room at ease. Rosco loves to explore and will likely be the first one to greet you at the door. He loves a good play session, but also enjoys snuggling up for a relaxing catnap.

Rosie, on the other hand, adds the sweet and sensitive touch to the team. She starts off taking her time to get to know new people and new places, but once she is comfortable, she is just as affectionate as her brother. Rosie enjoys quiet spots where she can observe her surroundings, and she brings a sense of peace into any household.

Together, they make up a wonderfully dynamic duo, offering the best of both a playful and a calm companion. Both Rosco and Rosie are very affectionate once they are comfortable, and they especially love a lap to snooze on. The ideal new family would provide them an indoor only environment, where they can continue their endearing bond and fill their new home with love and affection.

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