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Can live with other cats
Can live with dogs
Can live with children
Likes older family


  • Breed: DMH
  • Gender: Female
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Animal ID: STA011954
  • Microchip Number: 956000016065937
  • Adoption Fee: $140.00
  • Available for adoption since: 03/05/2024
  • CPSV Source Number: BR100404

Introducing the sweet and charming Miley. While her initial reserved grace might make her seem aloof, given just a bit of patience, she will soon blossom into a fun-loving, playful family member. Miley may appear a bit shy when meeting new people and is usually cautious in new environments. With a bit of time to adjust, her true, playful character comes through.

Miley has an incredible regard for other felines. She truly adores them and does well in their company. Hence, she would thrive in a household where she has another cat as a companion. Imagine a friendly and confident feline friend, someone to show her the ropes and help her gain trust in her new surroundings.

From her Foster Home
Miley has a sweet temperament and always looks interested in what is going on around her. Miley will greet whoever is up first and she is around when we come home. Miley is incredibly sociable with other cats. Immediately upon meeting our cats she wanted to be friends (it didn’t take long and now all of my cats adore her!)

Miley is especially friendly with our 1-year-old male cat, they play and sleep together and will often groom each other – they are great friends. Miley gains confidence from our cats in seeing how we interact with our cats; she is learning to trust us more each day and now allows pats and recently she discovered brushes are good too.

Miley will often follow me around and loves playtime with her human carers. When she is having fun playing with toys or chasey in her tunnel she will forget that she is a little scared of humans! Loud noises and sudden movements tend to startle her, but she is now less likely to run away at every sound. Best times for pats with this gorgeous girl are when she is relaxing in one of her many sleeping spots. Miley has settled quite quickly and more of her beautiful personality is shining through each day. It will take a little patience, but Miley’s endearing nature will be the reward.

Miley is currently in foster care having a break from the busy shelter life. If you would like more information about her or wish to meet her please contact our Foster Care Co-Ordinator’s -Email

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