Lewis's Profile

Can live with other cats
Can live with dogs
Can live with children
Likes older family


  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Black
  • Age: 2 Years 5 Months
  • Animal ID: STA012126
  • Microchip Number: 956000016322154
  • Adoption Fee: $140.00
  • Available for adoption since: 01/02/2024
  • CPSV Source Number: BR100404

Introducing Lewis, a stunning, young gentleman who's bound to steal your heart with his mesmerizing green eyes and endearing shyness. His patent charm and soothing presence are sure to sanctify any home with an aura of peace and tranquility.

This young lad is naturally timid and thrives in a serene environment where his introverted nature can shine. He is a beckoner of tranquility and an embodiment of patience, making him an ideal feline companion for a scholarly bibliophile or an artist who leans toward quiet solitude in the midst of their creative pursuits.

Lewis would prefer a calm, patient home predefined by peaceful cohabitation, allowing him ample space and time to trust and bond with his humans. He is someone who is keen to form a deep emotional bond with his human, gradually revealing his delightful quirks and irresistible charm.

When it comes to living arrangements, is solitude. He enjoys the company of other felines, and would do well with a confident friend to show him the ropes. Therefore, a home with another feline would be ideal for him. In addition, a quiet abode without children or canines would be the best setting for him to strive and grow.

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