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Can live with other cats
Can live with dogs
Can live with children
Likes older family


  • Breed: DMH
  • Gender: Female
  • Colour: Tortoiseshell & White
  • Age: 6 Years 5 Months
  • Animal ID: SUA011702
  • Microchip Number: 956000011085869
  • Adoption Fee: $140.00
  • Available for adoption since: 22/03/2024
  • CPSV Source Number: BR100404

Add a bit of magic to your home with Geenie, a delightful and affectionate lady. Friendly and easy going, she has the remarkable ability to light up any room with her charming feline presence.

In a new environment, Geenie likes to take her time. She's a meticulously observant cat, getting to know her surroundings before settling in. Once she's comfortable, however, she transforms into a chilled out and contented lady. She enjoys lazy afternoons by the window sunbathing, and loves the quiet time that comes when the day gives way to evening.

Geenie is in remission from diabetes, and her condition is well-managed as long as she remains on her prescription diet. She does not require insulin injections, making her care straightforward and stress-free.

Like every other unique feline trait, Geenie has her personal preference when it comes to litter trays. She requires two litter trays at all times, one for her "number one" and another for her "number two".

From her Foster Home
She is an early riser and is often up around 5.30 to 6am wanting food and some attention. I put down half the sachet of wet food and 10g of biscuits for her and go back to bed. I then give her 10g of biscuits around 9am.After she has eaten in the morning she normally goes to the loo and then comes and sits on the bed or meow’s outside my daughters room and then comes and sits on the bed.

She is vocal when she is hungry or wants you to follow her. She enjoys being in people’s company and often sits in the office with us. She will often sit just out of reach. We move to give her fuss and she will often stay where she is and enjoys the fuss. Sometimes she will walk off if she is not in the mood.

In the early days she had a social battery and will find a spot out of sight under a bed or behind the sofa to sit and sleep when she needs her own space.
Genie is a lovely well-tempered lady and I am sure she will get closer to you the longer she is around you. She has been a pleasure to look after.

Genie is currently in foster care having a break from the busy shelter life. If you would like more information about Genie or wish to meet her please contact our Foster Care Co-Ordinator’s -Email

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